Restoring my 1981 XJ 750 A
This Bike was imported from Japan to the UK in 1993, it has a XJ 750 Engine fitted into a XJ650RJ Seca frame
This is how she looked a few years back when I upgraded to an XJ 900 Diversion, the 750 was pushed into the garage and then forgotten, there she stood for five years until I decided to clean up the garage, I felt sorry for her sitting there and when I tried to move her from the garage she was stuck fast with siezed brakes and flat tyres. When I removed the brakes so that I can move her out, I then decided to give her a new lease of life, and so my quest began! I never got round to cleaning the garage as you can see from the following photos it's still a bit of a tip. lool OK OK I will do it when the bike is done...

Here are a few pics of before and after, I'm not spending a fortune on this bike so a lot of stuff was just taken off, stripped and repainted or replaced with what I could find on eBay.....

The brake callipers after I finally freed them up (took two hours) and resealed and repainted them. Tip: Dont bother look for XJ750 Brake Callipers for this model, you will never find them, but try looking for callipers for an XJ650 or an XS650 Later model because the front end of the XJ 750 A is more or less exactly the same as the XS650 and you stand a much better chance finding what your looking for. I actually found and picked up a pair of chromed brake callipers complete on eBay for £33 plus postage as they were listed as XJ650, you will see them later.

Rusty headlamp shell, bracket and top yoke, stripped and repainted oh also repainted the master cylinder to.

Before and after, I am using BMW Saphire Black Metalic spray paint from Halfords for the spray jobs with clear laquer on top of that.

New round mirrors (Link) replaced the old square ugly ones, new brake lines specially made by Wezmoto Braided Brake lines as the ones he listed were not the exact size I wanted, (at a later date I want to replace the bars with higher ones) thanks Wez, you're a star > (Link)

New Fuse box rewired in, from eBay £19.75 > (Link) a bit tricky to put in as you need the tool to crimp the new connections etc, and the fuses are all the wrong sizes that come with it, but they are just a few pence to replace so no worries there.

Knackered mudguard that was replaced by an XS650 chrome one that you can see in the later photos, I tried to get the engine studs out to replace with new, but after all but two become loose I gave up as it would be just my luck to snap them off in the head, so I screwed the rest back up and left them alone lol. The Engine had an oil leak in front of the forth pot all its life, you cant really see it hear but you can in the photos above.

All the bits thrown in a drawer in the garage, also in boxes, in bags and on the floor lol, and on the right, the nightmare pistons which I replace with stainless ones.

Views of the frame from different angles, the carbs need cleaning up and bits replacing, the diaphrams needed looking at to so purchased a bank of four XJ750 carbs from eBay to take a look at later. I had a choice to buy a new set of diaphrams for £256 or get the carbs from eBay for £37, I opted for the carbs for £37 and the diaphams were in perfect condition... What a result :)

All stripped down, you can see where the oil has been slowly leaking over the years and baked on the front of the engine block. On the right, after spending hours cleaning off the old gaskets getting ready for the new set to go on, and the rebuild to begin. While I had the top off I also decided to purchase new clutch springs so took the clutch cover off to replace them, while I had the cover off I ended up replacing the clutch plates too as the plates had all stuck firmly together. So a new clutch went in, I actually had these plates ready to go on way back but never got round to it then. So thats something I didnt need to purchase.

All the engine components. I also took the sump off as I wanted to take a look whats going on underneath, nothing happening there so cleaned all the sump up and cleaned everything ready for a new gastket to go on.

Now with the XS650 Chrome mudguard from eBay, the XS mudguard is smaller and hugs the wheel much better than the clumbsy looking XJ one, its also half the weight of the old one too. It wont make that much of a difference though, if anyone owns a XJ750, they'll know it weighs about the same as a small bus filled with kids.

Stripped and repainted with High Temp paint, I first sprayed the whole lot black and laquered it, then with a stanly blade scrapped all the paint from the detail on the top, that took forever and after that gave it another couple of coats of laquer.

Here is the tank all ready to be stripped and rubbed down for the new colour to go on, I think Red will go nice against the chrome bits, so Red its going to be. The red in the pic is not like the red on the side panel, its more like a cherry red not a flame red, stupid camera lol Oh and the chrome calipers that will be going on. Just waiting for the mirror gold XJ750 emblems now before I laquer it all.

Also time to rub down and treat the rusty bits ready for some nice shiny black.. Missed a bit! hahaha stupid brush!

Engine more or less all put back together, :) before and after, carbs go back on tomorrow...

Back to a rolling chassis now with the engine all put back together with the wiring all done and the headlight back in place, I put the new battery on and checked the engine turned over which it does. On the right I fitted the chrome brake calipers I got from eBay for £33 cool huh. I may have to spray the forks black to make the calipers stand out a bit more, I dunno thinking about that and thinking can I be bothered to take the brakes off all over again lol

What its cost so far including postage:

1. YAMAHA CLUTCH GASKET - £4.50 (before I ordered the headset)
2. Yamaha New Fuse Box XJ650 XJ750 XJ900 XJ Fusebox 4B - £21.25
5. NEW BATTERY INC ACID CB14LA2 YB14LA2 XJ750 XJ 750 1983 - £25.95
6. YAMAHA XJ 550 XJ550 XJ650 XJ750 XV550 XV920 Mirrors - £18.99
8. Yamaha xj 750 carbs - £37.00 (for the spare parts etc)
9. M6 A2 Stainless Steel Dome Nuts DIN1587 Qty:20 - £4.00
10. STAINLESS STEEL WASHERS 300 Pack M4. M5. M6. M8. M10 - £7.00
11. STAINLESS STEEL DOME NUTS M8 .. 10 Pack . Freepost - £3.40
12. Stainless Steel SPRING WASHERS. 200Pk M5. M6. M8. M10 - £5.25
13. Wezmoto Braided Hoses Brake Line Kit Yamaha XS650 - £63
14. 81-84 YAMAHA XJ750 ENGINE GASKET SET NEW CI-2014 - £40 (from Japan)
15. EXHAUST GASKETS YAMAHA XJ650 1980 - 1985 - £4.95 (forgot these come with the head set)
17. yamaha xj650 chromed left and right front calipers - £41
18. yamaha xj650 swing arm bolt chrome cover caps - £6.20
20. XJ750 XJ 750 Decals Stickers Graphics FREE UK P&P - £9.50
21. 10 AMP 30mm GLASS AUTO FUSES x 10 - Car Boat Tractor - £1.34
22. 25 AMP 30mm GLASS AUTO FUSES x 10 - Car Boat Tractor - £1.34
24. 1981 Yamaha XJ750 Seca : Cam Chain Guide & Tensioner - £18.00
26. Motorcycle number plate 9"x7" Correct size for MOT - £7.50

Still to get - Exhaust systym 4 into 2 from the states made by MAC approx £350

Total cost not including paint, oils, cleaners, wire brushes and the exhaust - £504.87

My Wish list, the bits I will be replacing over time (unless you would like to donate them and have your name on this page?)...

1. Fork Tubes
2. Top yoke nut, nuts and bolts
3. Rear brake shoes
4. Fuel Cap - (purchased)
5. Cam chain tensioner - (purchased)
6. Higher handlebars 6 inch risers
7. Left and right hand switch gear (left hand purchased)
8. Master brake cylinder repair kit - (purchased)
9. Headlight with chrome trim
10. Rear light
11. Vibration rubbers for the clocks
12. Speedo and tacho
13. All the steel nuts and bolts for stainless

So much for my budget lol stupid bike loooooooool

I doubt if I would even get that back if I sold it with a years MOT and TAX... I Just didn't want to see her scrapped :) anyways, cant sell her now. Did you know I put her up on eBay for £250 when I got my XJ 900? Nobody bid on her.

The Tank and Side Panels (work in progress)


I Used Halfords tank laquer and completely orange peeled the tank, it says in small print that you cant give it more than one coat, and on the second coat I gave it (obviously withouit reading the instructions) I completely ruined it. I had to spend hours getting all the paint off once again and I can tell you, the second time around is no fun at all. The gold pinstripes are the stick on ones, I dont even wanna attempt using a brush to do that! I will give it another coat in a couple of days and then a good polish, that will be the tank sorted. Hope you like my design.
With the mirror gold emblem and a coat of laquer. Notice the difference in the colour, the tank is the correct shade taken outdoors, the side panel is the same as the tank but looks different with the photo taken indoors.

Had a new number plate made and got them to put the model and year on the bottom as a nice touch.

Improvise, adapt and overcome! Now where have I heard that before? Was it Clint Eastwood? What the Fxxx is that? I here you say, well I dont want any bird shit on it after all the work painting it loooooooool

OK a couple more shots of the bike before I put the Tank, seat, side panels and exhausts on :) Come back in about five weeks and it should all be done :)
Ordered new 6 inch riser Triumph style handlebars, so should look much better than the standard ones!
And just when everything is going right, Disaster strikes!!....See page 2
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Thanks for watching :)
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